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'It was truly a pleasure collaborating with Magali. As a photographer, it helps tremendously to have a subject who will take direction, communicate well and perform at the highest level.


Magali offers all those qualities and I certainly look forward to working with her again.'


Adam Ravetch

"Until you drop beneath the ice, initially experiencing an ice cream headache from the cold, only worse, you have no idea how challenging this environment can be. But once your face numbs and you are under this protective icy scape, does peace settle in. It was a pleasure to share this environment with Magali. Armed only with a breath of air from the surface, Magali is one of those unique people with ice in her veins and warmth in her heart to allow her to survive in this other worldly place; a place where there is only one way in and one way out."



'Magali was relaxed and easy going. We travelled to Tobermory in Canada to see her dive under the ice, which was incredibly exiting and created a great piece for our magazine.'

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 2.33.18 PM.png

Kinga Philipps

Magali was such a pleasure to work with. She is engaging, fun, easy to write about...cause she's totally awesome... and a joy to interact with. I walked away from our conversations both inspired and feeling like I just spoke with a good friend. Greatly looking forward to keeping up with all the magnificent things this arctic mermaid accomplishes. I will be following her journey!

river road films.jpg

Chelsey Turner

"It was a pleasure working with Magali on our film for a sequence about under-ice freediving. She has an incredibly unique skill set and is also simply wonderful on camera; full of charm and charisma, and also thoughtful and articulate when interviewed. We would be happy to work again with Magali anytime."


'We have worked with Magali a number of times for video projects. Most recently, she modelled for us in a promotional video for a scuba diving manufacturer.

We've worked with her on shoots above and below the water. In both environments, Magali is always professional, prepared and easy to work with. We wouldn't hesitate to collaborate with her on future projects.'



'Magali is a remarkable and talented freediver who is not afraid to take her passions to the next level. She embodies creativity, beauty and perseverance with every experience.

In the past few years, Magali has become a mentor to younger divers, guiding them with patience and grace.

Through her own lens, she also sets time aside to capture natures colourful landscapes and lifestyle views through her interests in photography.'

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