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Magali is an internationally known Canadian freediver who takes adventure to the next level. She specializes in under-ice freediving, pushing boundaries in some of the harshest environments. Her skills and passions in this field have been recognized in multiple television and magazine features worldwide.


Professionally, she works as a rope access supervisor, and in between that and freediving she is putting her heart into rebuilding a 1966 wooden fishing troller. 


In 2018, she became the 16th woman in North America to become a rope access supervisor. This is the main source of income that enables her to renovate her boat. In addition to rope access, she is a commercial diver (hardhat), structural welder, millwright apprentice and soon to be 100-ton captain. 


She wants the world to understand that women can do big, dangerous, exciting, wonderful, and difficult things. Her achievements add to her presence on social media and have a positive impact on other women’s lives. Empowering women to pursue careers and hobbies in male dominated fields is something she constantly strive for. 


professional achievements

  • IRATA level 3 (Rope Access Supervisor)

  • 100 ton boat captain (In process)

  • Journeyman welder

  • Millwright apprentice

  • Commercial Diver​

athletic achievements



  • IUSA polespear world record, 2019

  • IUSA polespear world record, 2017 

  • Freshwater World championship 3rd place women team division

  • Largest fish, Rhode Island Open 2017

  • Hawai'i state women polespear record, 2016 

Freediving personnal bests

  • 2nd at the Kīkaha (Kona, HI) freediving pool competition in 2017

  • 160 ft depth constant weight with fins

  • 95 ft depth constant weight without fins 

  • 5 min static breath hold 


  • Comox lake winter marathon swim, 2018

(Distance over 10 miles, in -4 celsius ambient air temperature, 2 celsius water)

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