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One year anniversary

One year!

It’s easy to remember, I signed the papers on my BFF’s birthday. She’s been a huge part in the project and had to listen to all my ups and downs with it. Thanks Julie, you are a saint.

I have to say that this did not come easy and even provided me with a mental break down, which lead me to take an entire month off of work to regroup. I was clearly not ready for a massive project, DURING a pandemic. We didn’t pick that one, didn’t we? Fucking bat.

Anyhow, I grew tremendously this year. I grew in maturity, financialy and emotionnaly. Actualy, in the midst of the bad emotions I’ve felt this year, I have to say that never, I regretted taking over Pacific Traveller. Today if anything, I am thankful. She showed me a side of myself I did not know, more vulnerable. She made me do a lot of introspection. Ironically, this is the main thing people always say about being at sea on boats, they force us to do introspection, to look within. Even on the hard, she managed to make me dig deep.

Here is an update of what have been done in one year:

- Approximately 80 frames (ribs) repaired or changed on the hull with yellow cedar

- Replanked on top of the new frames with fir and red cedar (We used what we could get quick)

- Complete repair of the cabin roof (frames, plywood and epoxy)

- Engine pumps rebuilt, engine room clean up

- Old batteries removed

- Galley/cabin makover (Still in process)

- Deck controls revisited/updated

- Complete strip of all electronics onboard

- Start of rewiring process, install of 110 outlets around the cabin

- Extensive troubleshoot of the diesel stove, which lead me to bring it to the dump and kick it off my tailgate accompanied with a very satisfying sigh.

The next steps

Step 1:

- Repair a few little pieces of wood here and there

- Remove the old oakum in the seams and proceed to recork her hull entirely (Big job)

- Reinstall the keel cooler

- Plug all the old nail holes in the hull from removed sheathing

- Paint (bottom and top side of hull)

- Make her splash 💦

- Tow her to her new berth

Step 2:

- Repair bullwarks and decks where needs be

- Build a new caprail all around

- Finishing around the cabin (Paint, molds, new door, glass, install diesel stove stack, etc)

- Install all new electronics

- Rewire entirely, install overhead lights in the cabin, port/starbord lights outside, etc

- Install the new Dickinson diesel stove in the galley

- Continue the troubleshoot of the engine (Reinstall fuel pumps, etc)

- Get new custom dry stack made out of marine grade stainless from engine up

- Insulate the said stack

Step 3:

- Decide what happen with the fish hold.

Step 1 is to happen in just a few months. Step 2 will most likely happen a year later to allow me to get ready financialy for it. Step 3 will happen when I make up my mind.

A ship christening celebration will be held the day she hits the water. If you are interested to come see, I would suggest you to stay home and watch the launch on social media instead. I will set up a reminder to go live the day of the launch.

Help will be appreciated (and most likely needed) for painting, last minute things to do, general manual labour and monitoring water in bilge when she gets in as planking swell back up, etc.

Let’s just put it that way: if you come, I will put you to (socialy distancing) work! Thank you guys for the continued support thorought the year and all the great advices you took the time to send me.

If you wish to financialy contribute to this project, you can donate on this fundraiser:

Mucho gracias! 🙏🏽

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